Our Commitment To You

Working with us

Our Commitment To You…

When you choose Inspired Working, you’ll be dealing with HR Consultants who are passionate about developing you and your people so that you can run a smoother, more sustainable and more robust company.

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Not Novice But Novel

With more than twenty five years of experience in HR combined with ten years in the intense and pressurised environment of high-end culinary operations, you can be sure you are not working with novices.

We understand the constraints of running a very busy operation, so we ensure you get the results you need while maintaining your focus on excellent service, core priorities and your business outcomes.

You’ll get a fresh approach that applies new thinking to old problems because we look beneath the surface and reveal pragmatic insights that you can use right away.

Focused Learning – Targeted and Sustainable Results

A lot of training is very standardised and generic. Not only do we pinpoint the issues and development needs to be addressed, we create the best possible learning environments tailored closely to your needs and desired outcomes. This ensures a tangible return on investment from your development activity. We help you to make training pay.

Our unique Management Assessment and Development Programme uses robust information to evaluate the work we do for you, and benchmarks your managers against 15,000 other managers in the UK. We also use an exceptional profiling tool which reveals how ‘below–conscious’ motivators affect behaviour and performance, so that you get a unique level of service that others simply cannot provide.

We don’t work in isolation and we won’t indulge you with a ‘quick fix’ that is often a waste of money. Our carefully structured follow-up makes sure new skills and behaviours are ingrained in you and your people, and we make sure you are equipped to evaluate the impact of improvements in performance.

Finally, our strategic Balanced Scorecard approach makes calculating the return on investment easier for you because everything is linked to your highest priorities.

Applying Innovative Yet Simple Thinking

We remain fresh and energetic by staying up to date with the latest innovative thinking in applied psychology and neuroscience – we know what works and what to avoid, so you get the best results.

And whilst we draw upon a vast toolkit of resources, templates and experience, you can be assured that we translate all the complex HR gobbledygook into simple solutions that target your needs and focus on pragmatic results.

Resolving Root Cause Issues

Our unique approach means we don’t just address the symptoms, but remove the root causes of problems and issues that other HR Professionals, Trainers and Coaches may not even notice. We’ll help you find creative solutions to persistent problems, making sure you can implement our tried and tested strategies in a way that works for you, leaving you clear to focus on the issues that are most important to you.

Calm Confidence

Our experience of dealing with very intense and stressful environments enables us to maintain a calm and confident perspective. This allows you to resolve complex people and performance problems in a safe, cool and creative manner.

We never speak negatively about people be they Directors, Management or Staff. We are supportive listeners who are very careful to always get both sides of every story and ensure that nothing comes between you and your managers or staff.

Our skilled facilitation means you get more from meetings, especially when challenging issues need to be discussed in a constructive manner. We can calmly investigate what is best for the business as well as the people involved, because we keep things objective. This means personal bias, judgements and defensiveness are set aside so conflict can be avoided.

One call away from help

Having one of our ‘Retainer’ contracts means we become available on an ad-hoc basis when you feel you need extra support on top of pre-arranged dates. Any call you make will be returned within 24 hours, so your urgent questions or issues can be discussed before they get out of hand.

You Know You Are Working With Considerate Winners

From winning Olympic medals for culinary expertise in the past, to Awards of Excellence for Training and Outstanding Performance, we always seek to provide you with premium service, high quality development and expert advice.

We take our contribution to corporate social responsibility very seriously by giving significant discounts to the small charities we work with by providing pro-bono Coaching and Mentoring. We are also passionate about protecting the dignity and fundamental rights of children and people all over the world so we support Amnesty International, The NSPCC and The Hunger Project.

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