It has been a core part of our vision to create “a broad range of insightful and accessible learning products and programmes that are carefully designed to suit every budget and every learning style, so people can acquire new knowledge, skills and behaviours at a pace that matches their motivation”. We now have a dedicated Website for this purpose: see below.

Due to popular demand we have a number of free resources that you can download right away. They include useful checklists, planning spreadsheets and practical tips.

Free Resources

Our Blog and Article Archive

The Inspired Working ‘Article of the Month’ goes out to subscribers at the beginning of every month and is then published as a Blog on our website and syndicated to various websites around the world.
It takes a look at the more subtle communication and motivational problems that arise at work. We explore some of the underlying reasons why things go wrong and provide insights that can shine a light on what you can do about them.
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Our bank of useful Checklists

We believe that we should keep our brain free to think creatively and to make decisions, not to clutter it with trying to remember lots of simple items. Over the years we have developed a number of useful Checklist, many are available for free.

Our bank of useful Templates

Over the last 25 years we have worked with hundreds of Small and Medium sized businesses and thousands of Directors and Managers to develop practical and pragmatic HR systems and processes that work. They work because they are relatively easy to implement and have the benefit of being tried and tested in hundreds of businesses until they produce profitable results . . . consistently.

Recommended Reading

There are a bewildering amount of books about Management, Communication and Business out there and thousands of new ones are being added every year. We help you wade through the clutter to provide you with a concise selection of the books that our clients find most accessible and easy to read. In other words they actually read them!

Inspired Working Online

We now have a 3 very cost effective Multi Media Programmes with video, audio and written materials. They are all available on DVD and you can gain instant access via a subscription.

FACT Based Appraisals – Learn the proven formula for driving productivity and profits in just 90 minutes
Are you getting 100% performance from your people? If not, you can significantly improve profitability, raise accountability and ensure that you get and give robust feedback that drives performance by implementing FACT Based Appraisals. Read More

SIMPLE Delegation – Learn how to transform your management style and develop your people in just 60 minutes
What would it be worth if you could have an extra half day or even a full day per week to focus on the most critical tasks that only you can complete? Read More

Advanced Motivation Skills – and the secrets of Inspired Management
The secrets of effective motivation bypass most managers because they use the same style that they believe they need themselves. This means that unless the people they work with are exactly the same as them, they are missing the mark every time. Read More