Learning Excellence Accelerated Programme (LEAP)

The Inspired Working Foundation Programme for Effective Management with a built in Management Assessment process

  1. We believe you should not start with training
  2. The three stages of LEAP
  3. The Benefits Of The Programme

LEAP is a very robust foundation programme which is ideal for organisations with 8 or more managers at all levels. In order to develop effective management skills you need to know where you are starting from. The advantage of this programme is that it has a very thorough assessment process and objective Training Needs Analysis that benchmarks manager’s proficiency against the UK average, provides dedicated development activity and ensures that evaluation of learning is built into the programme. This means you can very specifically measure where you started from and where you finish because it:

  • Is well respected throughout the industry
  • Accurately assesses competence and stands out from the crowd
  • Has been thoroughly tried and tested with thousands of managers
  • Helps managers create a personal development plan with confidence
  • Evaluates the progress made


We believe you should not start with training

This is based on the following facts:

  • Only 5% of the principles developed on management courses result in sustained improved performance in the workplace. This means 95% of the time and money spent is wasted.
  • The average competence of UK managers is 54% and most courses don’t take this into account, so half the course material is covering old ground for many delegates.
  • 5% of that 54% means the effectiveness of most courses is only around 2.5%!

With LEAP you will get clear statistical information benchmarking your managers against 14,000 other managers in the UK, enabling you to identify your manager’s proficiency against 12 core competencies and 3 Management styles. This will give you very precise data on exactly what development is required on an individual basis. We will then provide a variety of learning options to suit people’s different learning styles including up to 48 hours of multi-media materials dedicated to improving results, individual coaching and group workshops.

The three stages of LEAP

  • Stage one: Management Assessment of Proficiency (MAP) consisting of a full day assessment that provides a rigorous diagnostic process to profile generic management proficiency. There are also two additional optional profiles: the Management Effectiveness Profile (MEP) which is an online 360° tool measuring the same competencies; and the ‘inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) which measures working preferences and below conscious motivational drivers.
    • What you get is an individual Management Assessment of Proficiency (MAP) Profile and comprehensive Individual Development Plan.
  • Stage two: A development programme designed to focus on individual needs and learning styles as identified in stage one.
    • What you get is a tailored programme of development activities to suit individual needs and learning styles that will maximise results.
  • Stage three: Re-assessment to evaluate the impact of development activity.
    • What you get is a robust evaluation on an individual and team basis showing the improvements made using the same benchmark as in stage one.

The Benefits of The Programme

  • Proven links between high proficiency (scores) and high on-job performance.
  • Increased proficiency leading to increased competence as a manager.
  • Objective identification of strengths and areas for development.
  • Clear prioritising of learning.
  • Measurable learning goals and objectives.
  • Investment is focused on highly targeted Management Development activity.
  • Personalised coaching to transfer learning to the workplace.
  • Clearly defined Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours that meet nationally recognised standards (i.e. Investors in People).
  • Significant improvement in the understanding, acceptance and support for implementation of in-house competency programmes.
  • No confusion about how to evaluate the programme.
  • Reducing time and money wasted on unfocused training and undefined evaluation.
  • Avoiding subjective succession planning decisions.

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Case Study

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Benchmarking and developing Management competence a tailored programme that raised proficiency by 30%