Executive Business Coaching

  1. Identifying Your Individual Priorities
  2. Identifying the key issues
  3. Some of the areas we have already helped clients with include:

This is Not For Everyone

The term ‘Coaching’ has now become part of the mainstream vocabulary and there are thousands of people on the market who are labelling themselves as a Coach. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish good coaches from the merely average ones and in many ways it is impossible to compare any two coaches because each will bring a unique set of skills, behaviours and attitudes to the work they do.

Our coaching is not for everyone. It is by invitation only because we will only work with people who are prepared to explore their issues on a number of levels. We don’t openly advertise our coaching services because our approach is very specialised and brings together over 30 years of intense exploration into what is required to experience life and work as a joyful contribution to others.

We have access to a vast pool of resources that come from understanding the hyper-intensity and drive of working in Michelin starred kitchens as a young award winning chef, to practicing 10 days of silence in mediation with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas.

We focus our approach on the more subtle and elegant applications of NLP and skilfully incorporate the latest thinking in applied psychology and neuroscience.
In our coaching sessions you will go through a number of exercises that provide totally new ways of looking at your behaviour, actions and results. We do this by exploring the structure of your beliefs, values and identity, but before we even go there we will discus the outcomes you want and the purpose of any coaching sessions.


Identifying Your Individual Priorities

Rather than a group training course where broad topics are discussed in general terms, Executive Coaching is all about you and your individual needs. Executive coaching is a very powerful way to develop your mental, emotional and behavioural skills. Our holistic and results-oriented approach means that you get a totally bespoke service that will help you break through to the next level of performance at a profound level. With over 20 years of practical experience, your Executive Business Coach has some of the most unique and specialised skills available, so you can be sure that you are not working with novices. This means that you will always gain profound insights and understanding about your own behaviour and the behaviour of others, enabling you to make new choices and get new results.

There are many alternative models of excellence to explore. Your Executive Coach will find the one that is best suited to you and your individual needs. This means you can achieve more of what you want while getting rid of and avoiding what you don’t want. We will use innovative techniques as well as tried-and-tested exercises that guarantee a dramatic shift in perspective and flexibility. You will have more options to choose from as well as a clear set of steps that will guide you towards your goals.

A core part of our Executive Coaching and Business Coaching is Language and Behavioural Profiling which provides powerful insights to enable you to have an even more effective understanding of others, the ability to consistently predict their behaviour and to elegantly influence them.

Identifying the key issues

For some people it is helpful to get objective feedback. We can help you to discover your key strengths and any issues that may be hindering your performance. We have a variety of profiling tools that range from identifying your motivational and behavioural preferences to your Management or Leadership effectiveness.
For example:

  • The inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM)
    • This is a self-completion questionnaire that identifies 48 motivational patterns and working preferences.
    • It gives improved awareness of what really motivates you and gives you far greater flexibility to adjust your communication style to suit your audience.
    • This awareness can help you avoid misunderstandings and improve your Leadership and Management style.
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  • The Harrison Assessment Tools and Reports which include:
    • The Paradox Report that provides feedback on a variety of behavioural dimensions
    • The Leadership Profiles that provide insights into your preferred Leadership style and competency
    • For more details please contact Amanda  at info@inspiredworking.com

Some of the areas we have already helped clients with include:

  • Improving performance
  • Leadership
  • Advanced Communication skills
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Presentation skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Time Management and Delegation.
  • Behavioural change that improves working relationships
  • Developing a HR Strategy that drives business performance

For more information and to discuss your needs with no obligation please contact info@InspiredWorking.com to arrange a call with David Klaasen.