Our Approach to Training, Learning and Development

Why we never start with training

As you probably know, training that is done outside a HR Strategy rarely produces much value. That is why we won’t indulge you with a quick fix. We will explore your commitment to the development of your people including your willingness to investigate management issues that may be causing problems. Training without a proper management framework can be a costly waste of money, time and effort. It can also lead to de-motivation in learners because they are not engaged or willing to learn if they perceive that management won’t change their behaviour. Any change in management behaviour needs to start at the top. For more about how to develop a robust HR Framework that drives performance Click Here

Learning Needs Analysis

We have a variety of processes to identify the learning needs of the people in your business. The CLEAR Framework which provides a robust model for implementing your people management and communication strategy often highlights the need for Management Skills Development.

Training, Learning and Development needs analyisis

Once properly implemented your Appraisal Process is also designed to highlight areas of under-performance and any learning needs required to achieve success. We will help you collate the various needs and plan the best methods to close any gaps in Knowledge, Skills or Attitude.

We will always make recommendations and discuss a variety of development options that suit your needs. This will include identifying funded or subsidised programmes when they are available.

One of the modules in our “Essentials of Inspired Management” series explores the ‘development cycle’ and shows you how to Identify Training Needs, Plan Development Activity, Manage and Record the Implementation and finally how to Evaluate the impact on performance. This means that we can transfer these Management Skills to you and your team, reducing the dependence on external support.

Individual or 360° Feedback?

Depending on your needs we can help you conduct a paper based individual learning needs analysis. This involves completion of a self-assessment form which is then discussed with the person’s line manager so they can identify and agree learning priorities, and the most appropriate methods to close any gaps in Knowledge, Skill or Attitude.

The 360° Feedback process is more complex and involves the individual and their line manager, plus a number of peers and subordinates all completing an online questionnaire which produces a comprehensive profile of strengths and areas for development. This is then discussed with the individual to develop a Personal Development Plan.

By using either of the above a broad picture of individual and more common needs can be identified. This will enable the planning of appropriate development programmes.

If you want a more comprehensive Management Training Needs Analysis that benchmarks managers against 15,000 managers in the UK ask us about our LEAP Programme.

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