The Essentials of Inspired Management

Developing a strong and effective Management team

  1. The Essentials of Inspired Management
  2. Some of the main topics that can be covered in the series:
  3. Why we never start with training

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The Essentials of Inspired Management

Our introduction series of workshops

This is a short series of half-day workshops for smaller businesses and is a great introduction to the key principles of management. We use a combination of the tried and tested classic management models and add the latest innovative thinking in cognitive science and applied psychology.

The total number of workshops and the content will depend on the individual needs identified in the Training Needs Analysis above and the strategic needs of the business. Each of the workshops can stand alone but they all build on one another and link back to the key elements of the CLEAR Framework. This means that managers get a progressive understanding of what is required to be a successful manager in your business.

The CLEAR Framework develops Leadership and Management to drive results

Leading from the top is the key to success with any effective management skills development programme, so with smaller businesses we suggest that the Directors participate in the same sessions as the Managers. However, with some larger businesses the series can be done in tiers. This means that the Directors and Senior Management Team go through it first, or at least one session ahead of the middle managers, so they are familiar with the material and know how to support their managers as they go through it.

Some of the main topics that can be covered in the series:

  • Strategic Planning and The CLEAR Framework
    • How to understand and use the Balanced Scorecard and the four cornerstones of people management as a strategic tool for driving business success.
    • How to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and strategic objectives.
    • This often includes a review of the Corporate Vision and Values.
  • FACT Based Appraisals – The fundamentals of managing people
    • How to implement an effective FACT based appraisal process and conduct meaningful appraisal interviews.
    • This includes how to provide meaningful feedback, and the ability to translate the strategic objectives in the Balanced Scorecard into meaningful and relevant standards, targets and objectives for your people.
  • Advanced Motivation Skills – Using Inspired Management Styles to understand context, consistency and change
    • How to recognise and effectively diagnose the different needs of your people and the context they are working in, and then use an appropriate style of management that will help them develop to the next level.
    • This workshop looks at a number of classic management models with some new and insightful twists that help managers understand why people need different approaches.

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For more information about any of the above please contact  to arrange a no obligation call with David Klaasen.  We can then discuss your needs and explore the most suitable approach to the development for you and your managers.