Competency Frameworks

  1. Overcoming complexity
  2. How does it work?
  3. Like to know more?

Overcoming complexity

The complexity of many job roles means that it is no longer enough to have a simple set of job descriptions. It is important to be able to define the specific clusters of what is required to be successful in a particular role or job. This would involve:

  • Knowledge,
  • Skills and
  • Behaviours

Once you have specified this, it means you can express and clarify what is expected for success in the role when it comes to recruitment, appraisal and career progression. When interviewing for a role that has a competency framework, you can ask very precise and specific questions to identify specific evidence of the person performing at the level you require.

It is not uncommon in small and medium sized businesses to find people who are very ambitious and believe they are capable of working at the next level. When you have a competency framework in place it becomes possible to objectively guide, train and coach them about what is required at the next level. It also becomes far easier to express why a particular candidate did not get the job or get promotion. This can be useful in appeals procedures or claims of unfair or even unlawful treatment.

How does it work?

We like to keep it as simple as possible and yet provide the critical distinctions required to define what success in the role looks like. The process involves discussions with job holders and Managers about what makes someone successful in the role and defining what that will look like. What is the evidence that demonstrates that someone:

  • ‘Needs Development’
  • Is ‘Proficient’ – i.e. meets required standards at a staff level
  • Is proficient at a Management Level

This can be a complex exercise but our skilled facilitation means that it dovetails neatly with your other HR processes, like Recruitment and Appraisals, that are already in place. We will look at the various roles to identify where there may be some generic competencies for example, with managers and directors, and where there will be more specific competencies in job clusters and at the various levels of experience.

An excellent way to introduce the concept of and power of using competencies can be found in our foundation development programme. This is a very robust Management Development Programme that uses a core competency framework and benchmarks managers against 15,000 other managers in the UK (over 100,000 worldwide). For more information about our Learning Excellence Accelerated Programme (LEAP) Click Here.

Like to know more?

To find out more about how a Competency Framework can help your business achieve the results you are looking for contact to arrange a no-obligation discussion about your specific needs and requirements.