The Compliance Stuff

Every business that employs staff has to comply with a bewildering number of Acts of Parliament, Laws and Regulations. We can help you to cut through the gobbledygook and look at the pragmatic options available to you in a way that enables you to make informed choices.

Being Firm and Fair

Leadership and Management requires balance and consistency. By implementing the CLEAR Framework you are providing your business with a solid foundation that can be used to help people understand where they fit it, what is expected of them and how their level of contribution will be valued and recognised.

It also quickly becomes clear where support and development are needed, to ensure that people perform to the required standards, and if performance is not at the required standard after providing sufficient support, it is very straightforward to deal with it objectively and in a way that is firm and fair.  You will also have the confidence to know that you comply with statutory requirements.

Ensuring Compliance

As part of our service offer we can provide you with all the required documentation to comply with the latest statutory requirements, from Contracts of Employment to Employee Handbooks. This can include the development of all the critical Policies, Procedures, Rules, Benefits and Rights that ensure you comply with the law. We also help you to communicate it to people in a way that lets them know about their responsibilities and their rights in the employment relationship. Our expert Rosemary Martin can also provide you with advice and recommendations as appropriate.

Investors in People

The CLEAR Frameworks helps you comply with the Investors in People Standard

When fully implemented, the CLEAR Framework helps you to comply with the requirements of the Investors in People (IiP) Standard.  One our team Alli Gibbons is a fully licensed IiP Specialist Advisor and Assessor so we can provide detailed advice and support in preparing for a formal Assessment.  If you want to become recognised we will help you see how the CLEAR Framework provides the required evidence that an IiP Assessor will look for.