CLEAR Implementation

Once the Foundations of the CLEAR Framework are in place you are ready to put them all to use and begin the process of implementation, clarifying priorities and setting expectations throughout your business. This means translating the Key Performance Indicators from the Balanced Scorecard into meaningful standards and objectives at a team and individual level.

The primary way to do this is by setting up a system of regular one-to-one meetings between every manager and the members of his or her team.

The FACT based Appraisal Process

Implement Performance Appraisals as part of the CLEAR Framework - Inspired Working

The FACT based appraisal is what brings it all together for you. This is where the planning and setting of KPIs in the Balanced Scorecard begin to get translated into individual targets and actions. We will show you how to get the most from an appraisal meeting by ensuring you cover the essentials of:

  • Giving constructive Feedback;
  • Setting expectations by Agreeing Goals and Standards;
  • Communicating the big picture of how the job contributes to the success of the business;
  • Identifying any Training or development needs that will support growth and success in the role.

Providing Clarity and Setting Expectations

The First Formal Training Session in the CLEAR Framework

This workshop covers the principles of how to implement highly effective performance reviews and how to conduct an effective FACT based appraisal. As in all of our workshops, each participant will receive an Introduction Letter with some Pre-course Self Analysis and the Aims and Objectives for the session. There is also an optional Pre-Course Video to watch to accelerate learning, and we are continuously exploring ways to enhance the learning experience.

As part of the workshop we introduce a template for recording a basic appraisal or Job Chat. We also conduct a number of role-plays that provide participants with the opportunity to ‘have a go’ in a safe environment.  This is consistently mentioned as the most valuable learning experience by participants.

After the workshop, Managers are expected to start conducting appraisals with their direct reports within two weeks so that the learning is still fresh and they get to practice right away. We strongly recommended that in the first year of implementing an appraisal system you conduct appraisals (or at least a FACT Based catch-up review meeting) every three months. This is because after a year (four appraisal meetings) the methodology is usually embedded and both parties know what to expect and how to get the most value out of the process. It may then be shifted to a 6-monthly formal meeting if appropriate, but never less frequently than this.

Building on the Foundations

Implement effective Leadership and Management development as part of the CLEAR Framework - Inspired Working

Once the appraisal process has begun we help you to conduct a Training Needs Analysis to identify any common or individual gaps in the management team. This shows any further development needs.

We bring over 20 years of experience from working with Small and Medium sized businesses in London, and we know what works and what doesn’t. As you can see from the illustration, this section has a lot  in it. There are many models of best practice that we discuss and explore, so you can choose the best bits and implement them in your business. We will invite you to challenge and question our suggestions and when you are convinced that they are appropriate for your business, to implement them fully.

For more about our approach to Management Development see:
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