The CLEAR Framework

The CLEAR Framework (Clarifying Learning Expectations and Results) has been specifically designed for Small and Medium sized Enterprises by Inspired Working. It is a user-friendly model that helps demonstrate best practice for communication and people management, along with the processes required to achieve them. It is one of the best and yet most straightforward performance management systems available for your business.

By using this simple yet critical framework it becomes easy to see where you need to start, as well as mapping out what is already in place and what is missing.

1. The Foundation Stone

The CLEAR Framework - Inspired WorkingThe foundation stone of the framework is your Business Plan or a Balanced Scorecard, guided by a clear vision and a set of corporate values. This enables you to look at the four cornerstones of people management and develop a strategy to drive results.

2. Organisational Design

Next comes the organisational design. This means mapping out key job roles, reporting lines and who is responsible for managing whom.

3. Defining Job Roles

Once the structure is clear, it becomes possible to define exactly what each job role is responsible for delivering.

4. Regular feedback on performance

When all of the above are in place it’s important to set up a process for giving people regular feedback on their performance. This enables you to clarify expectations by setting goals, standards and objectives, and to identify any learning and development needs required to support success.

5. A flexible approach

Finally, it is each manager’s duty to use a flexible approach. This means that as people progress they need to be managed and supported using a variety of styles depending on the context, their capability and their level of self determination.

6. Robust performance measures

All activity then needs to be linked back to the Balanced Scorecard through robust performance measures, and reviewed on a regular basis by the top team.

The CLEAR Framework can also be seen as a human resource management system. This is because it shows how it is the responsibility of Managers to translate corporate targets into meaningful individual objectives. It also shows how learning and development activity needs to support the achievement of individual and team objectives, which in turn link back to the key indicators of performance in the Business Plan or Balanced Scorecard.

Effective Planning and Preparation

Before the first workshop session in the CLEAR Framework, each participant receives an introduction letter; at least one week before the session. This letter is designed to set expectations and trigger some engagement with the topics to be discussed. It outlines the reason for the particular session as well as the Aims and Objectives. This ensures a higher level of participation and understanding of the topics being discussed from all participants.

You will also get some pre-course work to ensure that you and the other participants have given the topic some thought beforehand . . . even if, for some people, this is only shortly before coming into the room! The results produced by previous clients demonstrate that the more pre-course work that is done before the session, the more you will get out of it during the session.

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Case Studies

We don’t go for the quick fix to paper over the cracks. We get to the root causes of our client’s problems and give them a solid foundation to build on using tried and tested tools and techniques as well as the latest thinking and innovative approaches.

For Example:

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