Behavioural Profiling with the LAB Profile

Our unique approach uses emotional intelligence and is very different to other psychological assessment tests

Understanding, Predicting and Influencing Behaviour

Language and Behavioural Profiling allows you to identify and understand your own motivational patterns and working preferences, as well as the patterns that drive the behaviour of your people. It also facilitates awareness and understanding of differences in a non judgemental manner. This means you can quickly gain useful insights about teams, and not only why some individuals may have conflicts, but what is required to help them work more effectively together.

We don’t like stereotypes so we wanted a tool that didn’t put people into a box or label them as a particular colour or animal. There are more unique combinations of the various patterns in our tools than there are people on the planet.

The Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) and it’s corresponding online tool the iWAM are not a personality assessment because they measure motivation and attitude, this means the patterns and preferences are not fixed. There are opportunities to identify your patterns and enhance your emotional intelligence by learning to change the patterns that are hindering success. Armed with new insights, some people even choose to change their role so there is a better match with their strongest patterns.

LAB Profile

The LAB Profile is a purely linguistic tool and unlike other psychological assessment tests it does not require the person being profiled to complete any paperwork, so it can be used in a very informal way as part of a ‘normal’ conversation. It identifies patterns of behaviour by decoding the language people use and provides very precise and context-specific information about their motivational drivers which enables the skilled listener to predict and as appropriate influence their behaviour.

We have studied over a number of years, and worked with Shelle Rose Charvet the world renowned author of ‘Words That Change Minds’, a book which explains the LAB Profile in detail and is a must-read for all Marketers, Managers and anyone who wants to influence others.

Shelle has been quoted as saying “you can learn more about someone in 20 minutes using the LAB Profile than in 20 years of marriage”.

Because we are qualified and licensed Trainers of LAB Profile Practitioners it means that when you work with us you get a very high level of expertise with this very powerful tool. We regularly help our clients to use it in a variety of situations because the LAB Profile is all about being able to Understand, Predict and Influence the behaviour of others.

We help you to use the LAB Profile to identify where there may be communication or motivational issues that are causing problems and provide simple yet innovative solutions to resolve them in an elegant manner. Because it’s so conversational it is very individualised, and can provide you with laser sharp insights that shine a light on issues and behaviours that are getting in the way of you and your business achieving the results you really want. You could say it is all about improving emotional intelligence.

Once you know the driving motivational patterns of an individual or group it means you can become an even more effective communicator and get your message across to your target audience in a way that they cannot only hear but easily understand. You will also learn how to use very specific influencing language that is particularly engaging for people with particular patterns.

Some of the ways that you can benefit from using the LAB Profile is through improved:

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Delegation
  • Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Recruitment
  • Training & Development

The only drawback of the LAB Profile is that there are no automated reports so each one would have to be written from scratch. To get around this we use a very cost effective alternative, the inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation or iWAM.

Academic Background

For more information about the Academic Background to the LAB Profile Click Here pdf icon