Programmes and Services

Inspired Working is Best Known for its two development programmes:

The CLEAR Framework (Clarifying Learning Expectations and Results)
A rigorous programme for growing businesses that want to avoid people and performance problems. Delivers increased focus and productivity by using structures and processes that get the very best from your people.

The Essentials of Inspired Management (Building a strong and effective Management Team)
This is our core programme of workshops that provide a solid foundation of management awareness, knowledge and skill.  The workshops are based on what we know works in practice because our most successful clients have implemented what they learned and produced significant results.  We give your managers tried and tested skills mixed with our unique approach and the latest thinking in applied psychology and neuroscience.

And for

iWAM Profiling (with the inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation)
A unique and highly accurate profiling tool. You’ll understand what really motivates your people and avoid grief by playing to their strengths.

We also deliver the following services

Highly effective CoachingTraining and Development workshops, and accelerated learning for your leaders and managers with our LEAP Programme; a robust management assessment and development programme.  It makes managers more effective through individually targeted development activities and quantifiable evaluation.

Instant Access to Learning Activity

Our online programmes give you and your managers instant access to three Learning and Development opportunities that provide a solid foundation in the principles and skills of people management.  They can be used by companies on a limited budget, for the induction of new managers or when you require just a small number of managers to be trained cost effectively.   For more information Click Here.