Our Most Popular Workshops

Some of the main topics that can be covered in the Essentials of Inspired Management series of workshops:

Depending on the outcome of the Training Needs Analysis and Business priorities you can choose a selection of our most popular workshops.

  1. Strategic Planning and The CLEAR Framework
  2. Providing Clarity and Setting Expectations
  3. Inspired Management
  4. Raising Awareness and Developing Responsibility
  5. Making Training Pay
  6. Being Firm and Fair
  7. Building the Right Team (Recruitment skills)
  8. Time Management
  9. SIMPLE Delegation

For more information about any of these topics please contact Amanda.Faramus@InspiredWorking.com to arrange a no-obligation call with David Klaasen. We can then discuss your needs and explore the most suitable approach for you, your directors and your managers.

Strategic Planning and The CLEAR Framework


  • How to understand and use the Balanced Scorecard approach and the four cornerstones of people management as a strategic tool for driving business success.
  • How to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and strategic objectives.
  • This often includes a review of the Corporate Vision and Values.


Providing Clarity and Setting Expectations – FACT Based Appraisal skills


  • How to implement an effective Performance Management system.
  • How to plan an effective FACT based appraisal and conduct meaningful appraisal interviews.
  • This includes how to provide meaningful feedback, and the ability to translate the strategic objectives in the Balanced Scorecard into meaningful and relevant standards, targets and objectives for your people.

This is also available as an Online Programme: Click here for more


Advanced Motivation Skills – Using Inspired Management Styles


  • How to recognise the different needs of your people and the context they are working in, and then use an appropriate style of management that will help them develop to the next level.
  • This looks at a number of classic management models with some new and insightful twists from the latest scientific research to help managers understand why people need different approaches.

This is also available as an Online Programme: Click here for more


Coaching Skills for Managers – Raising Awareness and Developing Responsibility


  • How managers can use a coaching style to get their people to become more aware of their current knowledge, skill and behaviour and take responsibility for improving it.
  • This ensures participants understand and can use the ‘GROW’ Coaching model in a variety of circumstances


Making Training Pay – Managing Training Activity


  • This session is all about how to follow and implement the training cycle.
  • For example how to:
    • Identify Training Needs
    • Plan Development Activity
    • Implement appropriate methods
    • Record Development Activity
    • Evaluate the impact of development activity on performance.


Being Firm and Fair – Performance Management Skills


  • Many managers are unsure about the level of authority they have and how to use it appropriately to maintain high levels of performance and compliance with the company rules.
  • Once they know the basics there is usually less need to enforce them fully because they know how to inform people where the boundaries are and nip things in the bud


Building the Right Team – Recruitment skills

The essentials of good recruitment and selection

  • How to develop and implement a recruitment and selection strategy
  • This looks at the fundamental principles of how to get the right people in the right numbers doing the right things. It covers;
    • Pre-recruitment; making the business case for the position.
    • Attraction; letting the right people know the job is available.
    • Reduction; short listing the most appropriate candidates.
    • Selection; choosing the best candidates.
    • Transition; helping the new person to quickly understand your business and ways of working.


Creating Inspired Time – Time Management Skills

We cannot manage time but we can review and assess priorities and protect our time for dealing with what is most important.  This means creating more inspired time; time that is used to do the things that will make the greatest difference to your effectiveness.

You will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of making choices in time management using values and priorities.
  • Define and distinguish Urgency versus Importance.
  • Identify your key roles and how to be even more effective in each.
  • List at lease 5 techniques for being more effective when managing activities.
  • Develop a personal Action Plan for implementing improvements
  • There is an optional eCourse that compliments this workshop.


SIMPLE Delegation – Effective Delegation Skills


  • This explores the six fundamental principles of delegation and can be supported by our unique Ecourse which includes exclusive audio material with a workbook and follow up programme.
  • You will learn:
    • What you should be delegating, and equally important what you should never delegate.
    • The 5 critical questions you need to ask yourself before delegating and how to get the best use from the answers.
    • The 4 levels of authority you need consider so you know which one to use .
    • How to guarantee your people take effective ownership and accountability for the task.
    • The little-known secret to motivating them and keeping them motivated (this is not explained in any other Delegation programme).
    • How to avoid unpleasant surprises and guarantee success.
    • The most neglected part of the process that can rapidly transform your delegation skills.
    • plus, lots more.

This is available as an Online Programme: Click here for more


For more information about any of the above please contact Amanda.Faramus@InspiredWorking.com to arrange a no obligation call with David Klaasen. We can then discuss you needs and explore the most suitable approach to the development for you and your managers.