Managing Moaners

7 tips for Managing Moaners

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have a talent for complaining and moaning?  There is always something wrong or they feel that it’s always another person who is causing all the problems in their life.  They tend to wallow in victimhood and feel everything is unfair.  If not managed, these individuals can […]

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Lack of trust is damaging your business

Lack of trust is damaging your business – here’s how to fix it

The current lack of trust is a major issue in many organisations.  In their 2016 Global CEO Survey PwC reported that 55% of CEOs think that a lack of trust is a serious threat to their organisation’s growth.  (more…)

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Are you getting unintended consequences?

Are your decisions creating unintended consequences?

Are your decisions creating unintended consequences?  If they are you may need to review how much you need to control the decision-making process in your business.  Are you the only one who really makes decisions or do you seek to collaborate? (more…)

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How fear steals resourcefulness

Is fear stealing your peoples’ resourcefulness?

Fear can be useful – it keeps us safe when there is real physical danger, but it can also be very detrimental because it can steal our resourcefulness just when we need it most.  How is your behaviour as a leader and manager impacting on the resourcefulness your people? (more…)

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The danger of certainty in an uncertain world

The danger of certainty in an uncertain world

Is your business in danger of you or your team being so certain that the truth gets rejected?  We are entering a world of post-truth in politics – the truth no longer appears to matter and the people with the most certainty in their position seem to win.  (more…)

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The Paradox of Communication

Understanding the Flip Side of Communication

There is a flip side to your communication that is often below your conscious awareness.  By raising awareness of your preferences you can become even more effective.  Most politicians are unbalanced but not in the way you may think.   (more…)

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The Paradox of Strategic Acumen

What is your level of Strategic Acumen?

Reality and strategic acumen went out the window during the referendum campaigns for the UK to leave or remain in the EU. Both camps were very polarised between people who seemed to be blindly optimistic about the opportunities of going it alone and others who had severe scepticism about the economic impact of having to […]

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Young pensive businesswoman and arrows coming out of her head

Tips for making wiser decisions

It was fascinating to observe the way the debates in the EU referendum unfolded and how people were making decisions about which way to vote. In the end it was almost impossible to differentiate fact from fiction on both sides.  Sadly (in my opinion) that meant that many people voted purely on emotion and not […]

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