The Power of Quiet Leadership

The Power of Quiet Leadership

How effectively are you using your Inner Director?  Science is now catching up with ancient wisdom and showing that we need to change our approach to management.  The latest experiments in neuroscience are showing us (more…)

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Assessing the Ideal Team Player

Assessing the Ideal Team Player

What makes an ideal team player?  What qualities would you want them to demonstrate?  How do you assess job applicants or even current members of your team, to make sure that they have the qualities you want? I frequently get asked these questions because… (more…)

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Bad - Good crossroad in a desert background

Bad is stronger than good

Is your fear of losing out clouding your thinking?  Are you persisting with a poor strategy just because you have invested a lot of time, effort or money in it?   Our evolutionary hard-wiring and hyper-sensitivity to danger and loss has helped us survive and become the most successful species on the planet, but this ancient […]

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The 5 thinking traps - Distance

How is distance affecting your thinking?

Your perception of distance has a profound effect on your thinking and decision making.  When a tragedy occurs in a particular neighbourhood people often say we didn’t expect that ‘here’.  We are so used to hearing about awful things happening in distant places but when it happens in our own neighbourhood we are far more […]

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The 5 thinking traps - Experience

Are you limited by the people around you?

You are being limited by the experience of the people around you.  Many Leadership teams fall into the Thinking Trap of Experience because they believe that once a subject or idea is discussed and debated by the team it is sufficient to make a good decision.  Sadly, most Leadership teams are lacking the necessary diversity […]

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The 5 thinking traps - Expedience

The Thinking Trap of Expedience

Even President Trump has had to admit that things are more complicated than he initially thought!  While this is no surprise to most of us, many people don’t even notice that their brain is massively simplifying the complexities of the world they live in just to make some sense of it.  What are you over-simplifying? […]

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The 5 thinking traps Similarity

The Thinking Trap of Similarity

What media do you consume? Who do you listen to? Whose opinions do you agree or disagree with? One of the key skills of living in the 21st century is being able to filter the vast amount of data, information, opinion and highly sophisticated marketing that are bombarding us almost every waking hour. In order […]

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The 5 Thinking Traps

The 5 Thinking Traps

All your decisions are biased! This is a simple fact that we all need to get more used to. If we don’t we are in danger of allowing a lot of automatic, and often unhelpful, patterns of thinking influence the major decisions we make.   (more…)

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3 Steps to having a Happy Boss

3 Steps to having a Happy Boss

Effective management requires discipline . . . but not necessarily the discipline you think – I’m talking about self-discipline. I’ve recently been doing a lot of Executive Coaching for Senior Managers and Directors and there is a common theme that frequently comes up;   (more…)

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Managing Moaners

7 tips for Managing Moaners

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have a talent for complaining and moaning?  There is always something wrong or they feel that it’s always another person who is causing all the problems in their life.  They tend to wallow in victimhood and feel everything is unfair.  If not managed, these individuals can […]

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